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Faculty Members


Eagleson, Laurie E (1984), Associate Librarian; BA, 1975, Oregon State University; MA, 1977, MLS, 1977, Case Western Reserve University

Earnest, David L (1977), Professor, Medicine; Investigator, Center for Toxicology; MD, 1963, University of Tennessee

Eastlick, Mary A (1992), Associate Professor, Family & Consumer Sciences; BS, 1971, MS, 1975, University of Arizona; PHD, 1989, Purdue University

Eaton, Richard M (1972), Professor, History; BA, 1962, College of Wooster; MA, 1967, University of Virginia; MA, 1969, PHD, 1972, University of Wisconsin

Ebbinghaus, Scot W (2000), Assistant Professor, Medicine; BA, 1988, MD, 1989, University of Missouri at Kansas City

Ebie, Brian D (2001), Assistant Professor, Music; BM, 1990, MAM, 1993, University of Akron; PHD, 1999, Kent State University

Ecke, Peter M (2001), Assistant Professor, German Studies; PHD, 1996, University of Arizona

Eckhardt, August G (1972-82), Professor Emeritus, Law; BA, 1940, University of Wisconsin; LLB, 1942, George Washington University; LLM, 1946, SJD, 1951, University of Wisconsin

Edgar Jr, William B (2001), Assistant Professor, Sch of Info Resources & Library Science; BS, 1990, MS, 1994, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; PHD, 2000, University of Alabama

Edwards, Richard M (1959-83), Vice President Emeritus for Student Relations; Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering; BS, 1941, Purdue University; MS, 1948, University of Washington; PHD, 1964, E CHEM, 1974, University of Arizona

Effken, Judith A (1996), Assistant Professor, Nursing; BA, 1973, University of Hartford; MS, 1983, PHD, 1993, University of Connecticut

Efrat, Alon (2001), Assistant Professor, Computer Science; BSC, 1991, MSC, 1993, The Technion; PHD, 1998, Tel-aviv University

Ehsani, Mohammad R (1982), Professor, Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics; BS, 1976, MS, 1978, PHD, 1982, University of Michigan

Eisenstein, Daniel J (2001), Assistant Professor, Astronomy; Assistant Astronomer, Steward Observatory; AB, 1992, Princeton University; MA, 1994, PHD, 1996, Harvard University

Eisner, Sigmund (1966-95), Professor Emeritus, English; BA, 1947, MA, 1949, University of California at Berkeley; PHD, 1955, Columbia University

Ekwurzel, Brenda (2000), Assistant Professor, Hydrology and Water Resources; Assistant Professor, Geosciences; BA, 1985, Smith College; NS, 1988, Rutgers University; PHD, 1998, Columbia University

Ela, Wendell P (1998), Assistant Professor, Chemical & Environmental Engineering; Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics; BSC, 1987, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; MS, 1989, PHD, 1998, Stanford University

Eldenburg, Leslie G (1993), Associate Professor, Accounting; BA, 1969, Central Washington University; MBA, 1985, PHD, 1991, University of Washington

Elliot, John F (1992), Faculty Associate, Academic Programs; Associate Professor, Agriculture Education; BS, 1975, MA, 1978, Washington State University; PHD, 1988, Ohio State University

Ellsworth, Peter C (1991), Associate Specialist, Entomology; BS, 1981, University of New Hampshire; MS, 1985, University of Missouri at Columbia; PHD, 1989, North Carolina State University

Emmers-Sommer, Tara M (2001), Associate Professor, Communication; BA, 1989, MA, 1992, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee; PHD, 1995, Ohio University

Emrick, Roy M (1960-97), Professor Emeritus, Physics; AB, 1954, Cornell University; MS, 1956, PHD, 1960, University of Illinois

Endres, William F (1999), Lecturer, English; MS, 1993,

Endrizzi, John E (1963-85), Professor Emeritus, Plant Science; BS, 1949, MS, 1951, Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas; PHD, 1955, University of Maryland

Enemark, John H (1968), Regents Professor; Professor, Chemistry; BA, 1962, St. Olaf College; AM, 1964, PHD, 1966, Harvard University

Enikov, Eniko T (2000), Assistant Professor, Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering; BS, 1990, MS, 1993, Technical University of Budapest; PHD, 1998, University of Illinois at Chicago

Enos, Theresa (1987), Professor, English; BA, 1973, Texas Christian University; MA, 1975, Baylor University; PHD, 1980, Texas Christian University

Enquist, Brian J (2001), Assistant Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; BA, 1991, Colorado College; MS, 1995, PHD, 1998, University of New Mexico

Epner, Elliot M (1998), Assistant Professor, Medicine; Assistant Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology; BA, 1976, Wesleyan University; MD, 1983, PHD, 1985, Columbia University

Epperson, Gordon (1967-88), Professor Emeritus, Music; MB, 1941, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; MM, 1949, University of Rochester; AMD, 1960, Boston University

Epstein, William H (1987), Professor, English; BA, 1966, Dartmouth College; MA, 1967, PHD, 1972, Columbia University

Ercolani, Nicholas M (1985), Department Head, Mathematics; Professor, Mathematics; BA, 1975, Harvard University; PHD, 1980, University of California

Eribes, Richard A (1997), Professor, Planning; Dean, Architecture; Professor, Architecture; B ARCH, 1967, M ARCH, 1973, PHD, 1977, University of Southern California

Erickson, Julie (1993), Associate Professor, Nursing; Research Assistant Professor, Family & Community Medicine; BSN, 1972, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor; NS, 1979, MS, 1979, PHD, 1988, University of Arizona

Erickson, Melvin C (1958-78), Professor Emeritus, Health Education; BS, 1939, Wisconsin State College; MS, 1950, University of Wisconsin; ED D, 1958, Arizona State College

Erickson, Robert P (1990), Associate Director, Children's Research Center; Professor, Pediatrics; Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology; Investigator, Center for Toxicology; BA, 1960, Reed College; MD, 1965, Stanford University

Erin, Jane N (1994), Associate Professor, Special Ed, Rehab & Sch Psych; BS, 1971, Edinboro State College; MS ED, 1973, PHD, 1984, University of Pittsburgh

Erlings, Billie R (1974-99), Professor Emerita, School of Music; BM, 1955, MM, 1957, Louisiana State University; DMA, 1970, University of Oregon

Ernst, Amy M (1995), Assistant Professor, Dance; BFA, 1976, Texas Christian University; MFA, 1992, University of Washington

Erstad, Brian L (1995), Assistant Department Head, Pharmacy Practice & Science; Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice & Science; Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences; BS, 1976, South Dakota State University; D PHARM, 1987, University of Arizona

Ervin, Alice Elizabeth (1973), Vice Provost, Academic Affairs; Professor, Music; BME, 1965, University of Michigan; MM, 1968, Arizona State University

Ervin, Thomas R (1976), Professor, Music; BM ED, 1965, University of Arizona; MM, 1971, University of Southern California

Escalas, Jennifer A (1996), Assistant Professor, Marketing; BA, 1985, MBA, 1991, University of California at Los Angeles; D PHIL, 1996, Duke University

Esparza, Adrian (1995), Associate Professor, Geography and Regional Development; Associate Professor, Planning; BS, 1981, MS, 1984, University of Arizona; PHD, 1987, University of Illinois

Espenshade, Ralph S (1964), Librarian Emeritus, University Library; BS, 1950, Kansas State University; MS, 1951, University of Illinois; AMLS, 1957, University of Michigan

Esposito, Shaun (1999), Associate Librarian; Head of Public Services, Law Library; BA, 1978, Spalding University; JD, 1981, University of Louisville; MS, 1991, Florida State University

Estrada, Antonio L (1993), Professor, Mexican American Studies; Associate Professor, Public Health; BA, 1975, University of California at Los Angeles; MSPH, 1979, PHD, 1986, Ucla School of Public Health

Evans, Carol A (1991), Associate Professor, Teaching and Teacher Education; BS, 1975, MA, 1980, PHD, 1989, University of Texas at Austin

Evans, Elizabeth J (1987), Associate Professor, English; BSS, 1975, Cornell College; MFA, 1979, University of Iowa

Evans, Gilbert E (1964-93), Associate Professor Emeritus, Spanish and Portuguese; BA, 1952, MAT, 1956, PHD, 1964, Yale University

Evans, J Dennis (1994), Associate Dean, External Affairs; Associate Director, Development-Humanities; BA, 1970, Yale University; PHD, 1978, University of California at Berkeley

Evans, Michael N (2001), Assistant Professor, Dendrochronology; AB, 1992, Harvard University; PHD, 1999, Columbia University

Evans, Susan D (1997), Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology; BA, 1972, MA, 1976, Duke University; PHD, 1990, University of Arizona

Evans, Walter H (1958-82), Professor of Emeritus, Electrical Engineering; BS, 1946, MS, 1947, University of Oklahoma; PHD, 1951, Iowa State College

Evans, William S (1996), Assistant Professor, Computer Science; BS, 1987, Yale University; PHD, 1994, University of California at Berkeley

Evers, Lawrence J (1974), Department Head, English; Professor, English; BA, 1968, MA, 1969, PHD, 1972, University of Nebraska

Ewbank, Henry Lee (1978-95), Professor Emeritus, Communication; BA, 1947, MA, 1948, PHD, 1952, University of Wisconsin

Ewy, Gordon A (1969), Director, Sarver Heart Center; Professor, Medicine; BA, 1955, MD, 1961, University of Kansas

Eyink, Gregory L (1995), Associate Professor, Mathematics; BS, 1981, PHD, 1987, Ohio State University

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