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College of Humanities
The University of Arizona
Modern Languages Building, 345
PO Box 210067
Tucson, AZ 85721-0067
Phone: (520) 621-1054
Fax: (520) 621-5594
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Academic Departments and Programs:


The College of Humanities offers programs dedicated to literacy, language-learning, and cross-cultural understanding. The college includes several interdisciplinary programs, and offers degrees in over thirteen languages. It also supports special emphases in creative writing, English as a second language, religious studies, and classical archaeology, as well as public programs offered by the Poetry Center and the Humanities Seminars.  In addition, College of Humanities faculty contribute heavily to the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program of Second Language Acquisition and Teaching.

Academic Policies:

No more than 48 units within the major may be applied toward the BA degree.  That applies to Honors courses in the major and courses cross-listed with an academic committee or center.  Excluded from the 48-unit rule are freshman composition, the first year (elementary) of a foreign language (see department headings for exceptions) and courses cross-listed with a second academic department if the latter is the home department.

Credit will not be awarded for language courses equivalent to, or at a lower level than, elementary or intermediate language courses for which the student has already earned credit (i.e., University Credit, transfer credit, or credit by exam).  This policy applies to all languages offered by the College of Humanities:  Chinese, Critical Languages, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

General Education Program:

All undergraduate students are required to complete a common General Education program. Designed to provide a foundation for university learning, the program develops studentsí creative and analytical skills and integrates knowledge across university disciplines.

General Advising:

Each department in the College of Humanities has major advisors that are available to answer your questions regarding admission to the major, registration planning, transfer credit, internships, and degree checks.

General education advising for all majors takes place in the College of Humanities Academic Advising Center.  

The advising center also provides information about college and University policies and procedures, declaration of major and minor, student-initiated petitions, student academic progress, and educational decision-making.

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Title II of the Higher Education Act:

The U.S. government requires that institutions preparing teachers report certain information about their programs to state and federal departments of education and the public.  To view data from the most recent report filed by the University of Arizona, go to the External Link Title II of the Higher Education Act report, on the College of Education site.

For more information contact the college office listed above.


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