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College of Engineering
The University of Arizona
Engineering Building, 200
PO Box 210020
Tucson, AZ 85721-0011
Phone: (520) 621-6032
Fax: (520) 621-9995
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An engineering education is preparation for a professional career. While most graduates embark on careers in engineering practice, women and men with engineering majors find the baccalaureate program excellent preparation for other fields as diverse as law, medicine, business, and government. Engineering education develops analytical and quantitative thinking, a critical but optimistic approach to problem solving, and the habit of self-directed future learning. The graduate has a thorough understanding of how materials, energy, and information can be adapted to human needs. This understanding is developed through the study of physical science, mathematics, engineering science, engineering design, humanities, social science and practice.

Entrance Requirements:

In addition to University admission requirements, applicants are reviewed as follows:


  • Freshmen applicants with a 1250 SAT Reasoning Test score (combined critical reading and math), 26 ACT score (composite), 3.6 GPA or top 15% class rank and no course work deficiencies will be admitted to their chosen engineering major.

  • Freshman applicants admitted to UA with a top 25% class rank and one of the following: 1050 SAT (CR+M), 23 ACT composite, 3.0 GPA will be admitted to pre-engineering.

  • All other applicants will be comprehensively reviewed for admission.


Transfer applicants must have a recalculated GPA of 2.3 plus transferable Calculus I credit. To be admissted directly into an engineering major, applicants must have completed the core engineering courses with the GPA for advanced standing within their intended major. Otherwise, applicants will be considered for pre-engineering.

Advanced Standing:

Students must have been granted advanced standing to enroll in 300- or 400-level courses in the College of Engineering. The External Link criteria for achieving advanced standing are available on the college's homepage, in Room 200 of the Engineering Building, and in departmental offices.

General Education Program:

All undergraduate students are required to complete a general education program. Designed to provide a foundation for university learning, the program develops studentsí creative and analytical skills and integrates knowledge across university disciplines. General education requirements are listed in the major requirements (APRRs) associated with each degree program, in Engineering 200, in departmental offices, or on the college homepage.

Because of the prerequisite content of engineering curricula, for advising purposes degree requirements are presented in a semester-by-semester program that can be completed in 4 years. Four-year plans for the undergraduate degrees are available in Engineering 200, in departmental offices, or on the college homepage.

Academic Advising:

Visit your advisor every semester.  Academic advisors are assigned by contacting the departmental offices.

Freshman Honors Program:

The College of Engineering Freshman Honors Program recognizes the abilities and achievements of high school graduates and offers a variety of special challenges and resources to encourage the full development of academic and interpersonal skills.  Freshman honors students are strongly encouraged to register for ENGR 196A and 196B.

Accreditation and the Curricular Content Required for Engineering Degrees:

The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) is the official agency for accrediting undergraduate engineering degrees. For more information about ABET requirements, contact the college's Office of Academic Affairs at 621-6032.


A limited number of scholarships are recommended each year by departments within the College of Engineering. Students interested in applying for these scholarships should contact their departmental offices for information. It is usually best to do this prior to March 1.

Student Professional and Honorary Societies:

Contact department or view the college homepage.

Multicultural Engineering Program:

The Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) is an academically-based student support program for ethnic minorities and women. For additional information, please contact Ray Umashankar, MEP Director, (520) 621-8103, Engineering Building, Room 200 or see the college homepage.

Graduate Study:

For information about graduate programs consult the External Link Graduate Catalog or the college office.

Career Preparation:

It is recommended that all engineering students participate in a career experience prior to graduation. This experience can be gained by a full-time cooperative education work experience, a part-time internship in a local company, part-time or summer career employment, or a research experience in a faculty member's laboratory. Information is available through the Academic Affairs Office in Room 200, Engineering Building.

For more information contact the college office listed above.


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