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Class Attendance & Participation

Students are expected to be regular and punctual in class attendance and to fully participate in the course. Students themselves are primarily responsible for attendance and class participation. Since students may be permitted to add classes beyond the official start date, instructors should be attentive to student enrollment dates when assessing adequate participation.

Instructors will provide students with written statements of their policies with respect to absences for all courses; instructors will provide students with statements of how participation will be evaluated for all courses.

Extended Absences

Students who need to miss more than 1 week of classes (or the equivalent for accelerated courses) should provide documentation to the Dean of Students office ( Documentation should be submitted prior to a planned absence. Documentation may be submitted during or after an unplanned absence. Examples of appropriate documentation include:

  • doctor’s note

  • jury service verification

  • letter from the Office of Institutional Equity

  • other documents that demonstrate extenuating circumstances

If the student is unable to offer documentation or communicate due to the nature of the situation, the Dean of Students office should be contacted to better assess what supports are needed for the student. The Dean of Students Office will communicate the receipt of the documentation (with expected end date) to the relevant faculty.

Students who adhere to this process should not be penalized per the attendance policy for the course. Instructors should work with students to provide means to participate in or view lectures, turn in assignments, and complete exams remotely if possible. Students remain responsible for staying abreast of the coursework and for completion of all assignments or examinations. Non-attendance for any reason does not guarantee an automatic extension of due dates or rescheduling of examinations, laboratory, or practicum work.

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