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Individual Studies Courses

These policies and guidelines apply only to the following Individual Studies (IS) Courses:  

  • Preceptorship: 191, 291, 391, 491, 591, 691, 791

  • Preceptorship - Honors: 191H, 291H, 391H, 491H

  • Directed Research: 392, 492

  • Internship: 193, 293, 393, 493, 593, 693, 793

  • Internship - Honors: 193H, 293H, 393H, 493H

  • Legislative Internship: 493L, 593L

  • Practicum: 194, 294, 394, 494, 594, 694, 794

  • Independent Study: 199, 299, 399, 499, 599, 699, 799

  • Independent Study - Honors: 199H, 299H, 399H, 499H

Policies for Individual Studies Courses listed above:

  1. Determination of credit: The University and Board of Regents require a minimum of 45 hours of course work for each unit of credit awarded.

  2. The number of credits of Individual Studies must lie within the approved credit range listed in the catalog course description.

  3. Grading System:    With the exception of Directed Research, Independent Study-Honors, and Preceptorship-Honors, Individual Studies courses carry grades of S, P, F, I, W. Directed Research, Independent Study-Honors, and Preceptorship-Honors courses carry grades of A, B, C, D, E, I, W. Note: All Individual Studies-Honors courses are limited to Honors students, except with permission by the Honors College. 

  4. The content of an Individual Studies course must not significantly duplicate material offered in a regularly scheduled course in the department in the current semester; any exceptions must be approved by the college dean. 

  5. Departments and programs must have Individual Studies proposal forms modeled on the approved University templates (see Faculty & Staff Forms) that are to be completed when the student enrolls in the course or at the beginning of the term. 

  6. For undergraduate Individual Studies courses, the instructor or project advisor must provide either a course syllabus or a project plan detailing: (1) learning outcomes, (2) expected reading, or lab or field work, (3) expected meetings, (4) expected work products, and (5) criteria to be used for evaluation and grading.   

    • All proposal forms and project plans must be signed by the instructor and the student and filed in the department or program office within a week after the term commences.

    • At the end of the term, or whenever the student completes the project, the instructor or project advisor must complete a record of the outcome that explains the grade submitted.  The record of outcome form with the instructor's signature should be filed in the department or program office when the course grade is submitted.

If students are paid in association with an Individual Studies course, academic credit can be awarded only for faculty-approved academic work as defined by department policy.   Students must check on the department policy before enrolling for internship or practicum credit related to their paid jobs.

If registration for an Individual Studies course occurs after the twenty-first day of the regular semester, after the first two days of Winter Session or Pre-session, or after the first week of a Summer Session, the department head (or designee) must sign the Change of Schedule form, in addition to the instructor.

If a grade of Incomplete is awarded for an Individual Studies course at the end of the term, another Project Advisor must be identified who agrees to evaluate the student's work, should the original Project Advisor become unavailable.

Guidelines for Individual Studies Courses listed above:

  1. The student should have a specific proposal or project in mind when requesting an Individual Studies course.

  2. Honors College students requesting Honors Individual Studies and the faculty who supervise those courses should consult the Guidelines for Honors Individual Studies

  3. The enrollment fee for Individual Studies credit is calculated at the same rate as for other credit courses.

  4. Students should enroll within the first three weeks of the Fall and Spring Semesters or immediately after the beginning of Winter or Summer Sessions. Students must complete the required 45 hours of course work per credit unit before the last day of the term. The last day to register for Individual Studies in Fall and Spring Semesters without incurring a late charge is the same as for all other courses; see the University Dates and Deadlines and late payment fees

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