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Graduation Grade Averages & Credit Requirements

Graduation Average

A graduation average of 2.000 for all University Credit course work undertaken and for any work satisfied by the Special Examination for Grade is required for the bachelor's degree. Note: The graduation grade average is based only on University Credit grades awarded prior to the graduation date, when all degree requirements have been satisfied.

Major Average and University Credit Requirement

Majors for undergraduate degrees require a 2.000 or better grade point average (GPA) for all University Credit work in the major as defined on the Academic Advisement Report or for any work in the major satisfied by the Special Examination for Grade. All grades for repeated courses will be calculated in the major GPA, with the exception of grades that have been replaced by the Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO) and those removed from the grade point average through Second Start or Academic Renewal.

Major course work should include no fewer than 18 units of University Credit. Major course work is defined as the major, pre-major, and/or professional core. Departments may also include supporting foundation course work in the major as appropriate. This requirement applies to all majors in the student's academic program.

For Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) Degrees offered in the College of Humanities and College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, no more than 48 units in the major discipline may be applied toward the degree. Excluded from the 48-unit maximum are first-year English composition, the first year (elementary level) of a foreign language, and courses cross-listed with a second academic department if the latter is the home department.

The double use of courses in the major with other degree requirements is subject to University General Education, college, and department policies on double dipping. See the Double Use of Courses policy and check with your major AND minor advisors for clarification on the double use of any courses. See the Catalog's majors section for a list of approved majors with links to their respective requirements.

Averaging of Grade for Final Non-University Credit Course

Students who lack not more than a one-semester course toward the fulfillment of curriculum and minimum-graduation-average requirements, may apply as the final course to complete the degree, a single one-semester course in residence at another accredited institution. The graduation GPA shown on the transcript will include the grade from the approved course taken in absentia. An anecdotal note will be added to the transcript explaining the difference between the graduation GPA and the cumulative GPA, which will not reflect the course taken in absentia. Permission must be obtained from the academic dean, prior to enrolling for the course, to apply the grade received in such a course toward the graduation average. This provision may be applied also to the required separate average of 2.000 in the major field if prior permission is obtained from the major advisor and the academic dean.

University Credit Requirement

A minimum of 30 units of University Credit from The University of Arizona is required for the bachelor's degree. Of those 30 units, 18 must be in Upper Division (300+) coursework. Various departments have specific University Credit requirements for their majors, and students should consult individual departmental information sections for this information.

Upper-Division Unit Requirement

The University of Arizona recognizes both breadth and depth of knowledge as important characteristics of a baccalaureate degree. To insure depth of study beyond introductory levels, the University has a general policy requiring students to complete a minimum of 42 units of upper-division course work for graduation, including 18 units of University Credit. This requirement applies to students graduating under the 1991-93 catalog or any subsequent catalog. The special requirements of some academic programs may necessitate an exception to this requirement. Some degree programs require fewer than 42 units of upper-division credit. For current information, students should consult their advisors, the department which offers their major, or the Academic Advisement Report for their major to determine if their degree program may require fewer than 42 units of upper-division credit.

Elective Credit Maximums

No more than three (3) Physical Education activity credits and no more than three (3) Success Course credits will apply as general elective credit toward a bachelor's degree.

Credit by Examination Credit Maximum

A maximum of 60 units toward a bachelor's degree may be earned through Credit by Examination.

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Averaging of Grade for Final Non-University Credit Course must be a unique course not previously taken by the student requesting this provision.