Change of Campus

Changes To/ From Arizona Online

Students may change from a degree or certificate program offered on one of the physical University of Arizona campuses (for example, The University of Arizona-Main, Southern Arizona) to an Arizona Online degree program, or vice versa, if this change will enhance their ability to make progress toward a University of Arizona degree. Circumstances that would warrant a change to/from Arizona Online include, but are not limited to, a physical relocation, a change of academic program to one that's not offered by that campus, or the need for more flexibility due to work, family or other pressures. A change such as this ordinarily occurs infrequently during a student's undergraduate career or during a student's graduate career.

Students changing to/from Arizona Online (ONLN) should be carefully advised of the implications for such a change, since there are many considerations, including course selection, tuition and fees, financial aid, etc.

  • Undergraduates. The academic advisor for the program offered by the new campus must initiate the Change of Campus request for the student. Those requests are processed by the Registrar's Office.

  • Graduate students. For students wishing to change the campus but NOT the degree/certificate program, the academic program coordinator or director of graduate studies for the program must initiate the Change of Campus request. Those requests are processed by the Graduate College. Graduate students wishing to change campus AND the degree/certificate program must reapply, using the Graduate Admissions Application, GradApp.

Note: Students enrolled in Arizona Online may only register for courses offered by Arizona Online. Arizona Online courses are restricted to Arizona Online students.

Changes Between University of Arizona Physical Campuses

Students interested in changing their primary campus--the campus offering their degree program--should see the academic advisor for the program at the new campus (for example, Southern Arizona, Distance, The University of Arizona-Main) to discuss the implications of such a change. There is no limit on changes between physical campuses. However, there may be restrictions on taking classes from more than one physical campus at a time (specifically, during a single semester or term). Changes to/from Southern Arizona are processed in College of Applied Science & Technology-Student Services.

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