Academic Advisement Reports

Academic Advisement Reports

Academic Advisement Reports display a complete statement of the requirements and approved courses for each UA undergraduate degree program.  Advisement Reports are the official record of requirements for degree programs; therefore, students should become familiar with the Advisement Report for their degree program.  Advisement Reports were created for undergraduate programs, beginning with the 1993 Catalog.

Student Academic Advisement Report (SAAR)

A Student Academic Advisement Report is an individualized report of a student's progress toward completing degree requirements.  A SAAR for a student's current degree program, or What-if SAAR that enables a student to compare completed and in-progress course work against the requirements for any other undergraduate degree program, can be requested through UAccess Student.  Students are strongly encouraged to generate a SAAR each term to ensure satisfactory academic progress.  If you have any questions or need adjustments made to your SAAR, such as the application of transfer course work to your degree requirements, please consult with your academic advisor.

SAARs are available for undergraduate degree programs existing since 1997.

Questions should be directed to academic advisors. Students are encouraged to consult with an advisor as early in their academic career as possible, and then regularly thereafter.

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