Graduate Certificates

A graduate certificate consists of 9 or more credits of graduate course work that constitute a coherent body of knowledge. Graduate certificates are designed to enhance the education of graduate and professional students enrolled in degree programs or to provide continuing education for non-degree seeking professionals. A certificate program may be linked with an existing UA degree program or it may be unique and free standing. 

Certificate applicants must meet the Graduate College admission requirements with a minimum bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.  The department offering the certificate may set additional or more stringent criteria for admission.  Interested applicants should check the list of current graduate certificates below and contact the sponsoring academic unit for more information.

Students admitted to a certificate program are responsible for knowing the UA certificate policies and procedures.   When all requirements have been completed, a graduate certificate becomes part of the official record and will be posted on the transcript of the recipient. 

Units planning to create a new graduate certificate should refer to the Guidelines for Creating a New Graduate Certificate.

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