Course Examinations

Course examinations, including makeup examinations, cannot be scheduled (i.e., mandated) on an official University holiday.

Mid-Semester Examinations

It is expected that all mid-semester examinations will occur during a regularly scheduled class period of the course. 

For those multiple-section courses in which it is impossible to offer mid-semester examinations during the regular class period, the following requirements for offering the examination at an alternate time must be met: 

  1. the course shall be identified in the Schedule of Classes as requiring combined hourly examinations at a time different from the regular class period; 

  2. the times at which combined hourly examinations will be given shall be listed in the Schedule of Classes; 

  3. the controlling academic dean shall approve such action in advance; and 

  4. students whose schedules conflict with the time scheduled for the combined examination shall be provided an alternate time for taking the examination.

Final Examinations  

All courses offered for credit shall include either a final examination given at the regularly scheduled final examination time or a summative assessment (e.g., portfolios, essays, project reports). No deviation from the exam schedule, once it is published, is authorized. All forms of examinations (quizzes, take-homes, etc.) are prohibited on any scheduled class or reading day during the calendar week in which regularly scheduled final exams begin. Specific exceptions for certain courses may be granted by obtaining prior approval from the appropriate academic unit head and academic dean. Students shall be informed of any such exceptions in the course syllabus. Additional schedule regulations are posted on the Registrar's Final Exam Website.

Candidates for graduation who have a final examination scheduled during their college commencement recognition ceremony shall be given the option of rescheduling that exam. Faculty may verify the date and time of college commencement ceremonies on the UA Commencement Ceremony website.

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