Bachelor's Degree Candidacy & Related Information

Application for Degree Candidacy

The University awards degrees four times annually: in January, May, August and December. For undergraduate degree candidacy filing deadlines and fees, see the Graduation Services site.  (Graduate students may consult the Graduate Degree Requirements site.)

Changes in Degree-Application Information

Once a degree application has been filed, applicants are required to notify their Graduation Services advisor promptly of subsequent changes in the following information: (1) anticipated date of graduation; (2) degree, major, minor, catalog being used; (3) name, local address and telephone number, permanent address. Failure to do so may result in delay in awarding of the degree.

Completion of Degree Requirements

The Bachelor's degree requires a minimum of 120 units and the completion of all major, minor, and General Education requirements.

All degree requirements must be completed by the last day of final exams in the semester or term in which the degree is to be awarded. The applicant is also responsible for providing all documentation relating to the completion of his/her degree program to the Undergraduate Graduation Services Office within 30 calendar days following the last day of final exams in the semester or term in which the degree is to be awarded. Documentation may include, but not be limited to, official transcripts from other educational institutions/programs, actions resulting from University General Petitions, Change of Grade forms (including removals of "I" grades), etc. Failure to meet these responsibilities may result in a delay or non-awarding of the degree.

Degree candidates who find it necessary to leave The University of Arizona and complete final course requirements through transfer work are required to notify their Graduation Services advisor of such plans before leaving the University.

Second Bachelor's Degree

Sequential Degrees: Candidates for a second bachelor's degree at The University of Arizona with a different award date than the first must earn no fewer than 30 units of University Credit in addition to the units required for the first degree, and must meet all requirements for the second degree. For partly overlapping but sequential degrees--when the second award date differs from the first--the 30 additional units are added to the first degree's total units for a minimum of 150 units, although some of the additional units may have been completed before conferral of the first degree.

Students may apply for a sequential second degree with a degree title that is the same as the first (e.g., B.S. in Plant Sciences and B.S. in Microbiology). For sequential degrees, students must complete at least 50 percent of all course work required in the major (as defined on the Academic Advisement Report) of the second degree after conferral of the first degree.

Concurrent Degrees: If the degrees are completed at the same time, the 30 additional units of University Credit are not necessary. The student may earn concurrent (simultaneous) degrees with a minimum of 120 units and the completion of all major, minor, and General Education requirements, as long as both degrees are awarded on the same date.

Students may apply for a concurrent second degree only if the degree title and major differ from the first. Students pursuing another academic program that would lead to the same degree title as the primary program must declare that program as an additional major, not a concurrent degree. Two or more majors may be completed within one academic degree program as long as these majors lead to the same degree title. However, after the first degree is awarded, another major cannot be appended to it.

Clearance of Accounts

Degree candidates are required to clear any indebtedness to the University before completion of degree requirements will be officially certified or the diploma released.

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