General Education Entry & Exit Courses

The General Education curriculum described below applies to all students who matriculate in Spring 2022 or beyond. Students who matriculated in Fall 2021 or prior should consult the Fall 2021 General Education Curriculum policy.

New students who are classified as first-year students at the point of admission will be required to take UNIV 101 as their entry course and UNIV 301 as their exit course for General Education.

UNIV 101: Introduction to the General Education Experience. A 1-unit course, required for new first-year students, providing an introduction to and a foundation for the General Education experience at the University of Arizona.

UNIV 301: General Education Portfolio. A new 1-unit course designed to help students reflect upon and make meaning of the General Education experience through the refinement of their ePortfolio.

All other new UArizona students (including transfer and readmitted students) will have the option of taking either or both of these courses but will not be required to complete them for graduation provided that they still complete the minimum number of units of general education coursework required by ABOR policy.

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