General Education Signature Assignment

The General Education curriculum described below applies to all students who matriculate in Spring 2022 or beyond. Students who matriculated in Fall 2021 or prior should consult the Fall 2021 General Education Curriculum policy.

All Education Exploring Perspectives & Building Connections courses are required to have at least one signature assignment. The purpose of a signature assignment is to create an opportunity for students to engage with and address relevant Exploring Perspectives, Building Connections, and Attribute learning outcomes. Signature assignments will be included in students’ ePortfolios and will encourage students to engage subject matter in meaningful ways such that students can find academic, professional, and/or personal relevance. Examples of signature assignments include, but are not limited to, reflections (written, oral, artistic, multimedia); presentations (oral, visual, musical, artistic); compositions; research projects; lab reports; service learning projects; social, economic, or environmental justice projects; and creative endeavors (artistic, design, technological, problem solving).

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