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Retention & Release of Student Records

Retention of Student Records

The Office of the Registrar maintains a permanent record of academic work completed by each student. Support documents for the academic records are kept for three (3) years after the student graduates or date of last enrollment. After three years, it is assumed that the student accepts the accuracy of his/her records each semester. Discrepancies in the academic record should be reported to the Registrar immediately.

When a degree has been certified by the Office of the Registrar, a student's academic record may not be altered except in those cases where a procedural or clerical error has occurred. However, if the student or the University learns facts that were not known or would not have reasonably been known within the three-year period, the academic record may be altered and/or the degree may be revoked.

Release of Information

The University complies with all provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) dealing with the release of education records. A copy of The University of Arizona's policy for implementation of the act is available in the Offices of the Registrar and the Dean of Students.