Graduate Minors

A minor subject is not required for a Master's Degree, but at least one supporting minor of nine or more units is required for the PhD. If a doctoral student chooses two supporting minor subjects, each minor must have at least six units of coursework. Although the minor subjects are usually taken outside the major department, minors within the major department may be permitted with the approval of the student's major professor.

The selection of a minor must be approved by the student's major professor and must be included in the Plan of Study to be filed with the Graduate College no later than the student's third semester in residence. With respect to the minor subject, the Plan of Study identifies: (1) courses the student intends to transfer from other institutions; (2) courses already completed at The University of Arizona which the student intends to apply toward the minor; and (3) additional course work that will complete the minor.

Before admission to degree candidacy, the doctoral student must pass a written and an oral Doctoral Comprehensive Examination on the student's comprehensive knowledge of the major and minor subjects of study, both in breadth across the general fields of study and in depth within the areas of specialization. Should the student change a minor subject following the comprehensive examination, the student must take a new comprehensive exam covering the new minor.

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