Full-Time Undergraduate Student Status

Full-time status for an undergraduate student varies with the college and study program, but ordinarily requires a course load of at least 12 units per semester. Students in doubt about their standing should check with their college dean's office.

Full-Time Graduate Student Status

Fall and Spring Semesters
During the fall and spring semesters, for students with Graduate Assistant/ Associate appointments, full-time status consists of a minimum enrollment in 6 units of graduate credit. A graduate student working on a thesis or dissertation who is only enrolled in 900-level units and not employed as a Graduate Assistant/ Associate must be enrolled in 3 units. A student who has completed all course work, the thesis/dissertation unit requirements, has advanced to candidacy, is working on the thesis/dissertation, and is not employed as a Graduate Assistant/ Associate may apply for advanced status, which allows 1 unit of 900-level credit for full-time status. In all other cases, full-time status consists of a minimum enrollment in 9 units of graduate credit.

The full-time status enrollment minimums apply to students wishing to defer federal loan repayments, to international students with F or J visa status, and/or to students receiving University funding other than wages. Full-time enrollment may or may not keep the student from falling outside the threshold of the Affordable Care Act and/or Arizona State Retirement System requirements. It is recommended that hiring units and graduate students refer to these policies to ensure compliance.

More information on graduate minimum enrollment policies is available from the Graduate College. Please note that some academic colleges may require more units to maintain full-time status when students are receiving financial assistance from the college. Also note that full time and minimum enrollment policies are different to maintain continuous enrollment.

Summer and Winter Sessions
During winter or pre-session, first and second summer sessions, full-time status consists of enrollment for 6 graduate units or more in any combination of pre-session, first and second summer sessions.  A student whose financial aid agreement requires enrollment during the summer sessions should contact the Office of Student Financial Aid to verify specific requirements. International students should check with the University's International Student Services Office to ensure that their registration is in compliance with their visa status.

Maximum Number of Units Allowed Per Term and/or Semester

Each college determines the maximum number of units that an undergraduate student may enroll in for each term and session. This maximum includes all coursework carried in residence, as well as concurrent registration in approved courses at other institutions. Approval of the college dean is required to exceed the maximum term or session units.

Term Limitations:



 Fall Term


 Winter Term


Spring Term


Summer Term


* All Colleges currently allow up to 19 units per term, with the following exceptions:

  • The College of Law term maximum is 18 units

  • Medical students please consult the College of Medicine.

Session Limitations:
The following session limits apply when the student is registered for an accelerated session within a term.



3 Week (Presession)


5 Week


7 Week


8 Week


10 Week


13 Week


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