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Graduate Credit for Seniors

A senior may register for a graduate course for either undergraduate or graduate credit with approval from the course instructor and the major advisor (for undergraduate credit) or the head of the department offering the course (for graduate credit).  Additionally, juniors or seniors in the Honors Program may register for 500-level courses for undergraduate Honors credit with instructor and major advisor approval.  An undergraduate who has been admitted to an Accelerated Master's Program (AMP) may request enrollment in a limited number of 500- or 600-level courses to be counted toward the bachelor's requirements and also toward the requirements for the master's degree; see the AMP Policy for details.  Approval of the instructor, major advisor, and department head is needed to enroll for AMP credit.  An Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses form must be submitted to the Registrar with the needed signatures in order to enroll in the course. 

The Registrar will not process the graduate course enrollment unless the senior has a grade-point-average (GPA) of 3.000 or better on all University Credit and is proceeding toward graduation as directly as possible.  Qualified seniors may enroll in 500-level courses for undergraduate or graduate credit (not both).  Courses numbered at the 600-level are not open to undergraduates, with the exception of seniors admitted to an Accelerated Master's Program (AMP).  Courses at the 700 and 900 levels are not available to undergraduates.

When academic policy questions arise for undergraduates taking 500-level courses, see the Guiding Principle on the Application of Graduate or Undergraduate Policies.

Just as graduate University Credit may be applied toward a bachelor's degree (as upper division credit) or a graduate degree (as graduate credit), graduate or professional level credit earned and transferred from another institution may be applied toward a baccalaureate degree at the UA only if it is not used to complete a graduate or professional degree at that institution. Professional degrees include (but are not limited to) such programs as law and medicine. Students may petition the acceptance of graduate or professional credit by submitting a Transfer Credit Appeal, along with a letter from the graduate or professional college stating that the courses in question were not/are not being applied toward a graduate or professional degree at that institution.

Dental and veterinary students in the programs of microbiology and veterinary science, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, should also see Special Conditions for DDS and DVM Candidates.

See the Graduation Services site for detailed instructions on Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses, and contact your Graduation Services advisor if you have questions.

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