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ACPCRTG - Advanced Clinical Pharmacy Practice

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Program Description

The Advanced Clinical Pharmacy Practice Graduate Certificate Program

The Advanced Clinical Pharmacy Practice Graduate Certificate Program is designed for international scholars who have graduated from a five or six-year pharmacy program (PharmD or equivalent) outside the United States. Currently we have a small cohort of students from universities, hospitals, and government agencies. Our program is designed to be completed in two to three years on a full-time basis. Successful graduates of the program go on to complete residencies in Arizona and other states as well as contribute to research and new knowledge in scholarly publications.

Tailored Curriculum Designed for International Students

Faculty and staff in the certificate program have worked with international students for more than 20 years. We are here to help you navigate the program application as well as support you through your academic, clinical and professional progression in areas such as advanced clinical training for residency, preparation for the licensure and English proficiency exams, and more.

Program highlights

- Our staff and faculty in the certificate program are dedicated to international students and provide personalized support and training to meet individual needs of students.
- Over 30 pharmacy rotations with a different emphasis (e.g. internal medicine, infectious diseases, emergency medicine, and medication management) are available for students' clinical training.
- Approximately 90% of certificate program graduates move to PGY-1 residency and 80% to PGY-2 residency.