MATHBA - Mathematics

Mathematics College of Science BA - Bachelor of Arts


College of Science



Learning Outcomes

- Apply computational methods; Math majors should be able to apply computational methods and mathematical concepts to analyze scientific problems
- Apply mathematical models to current problems; Math majors should be able to critically evaluate and extend selected mathematical models in the current scientific literature.
- Create valid proofs; Students should be able to identify an appropriate proof strategy and almost always able to create a correct proof using multiple strategies as appropriate.
- Define Terms Precisely; Precision is essential in mathematics, and a crucial skill for math majors is to learn to define mathematical terms precisely.
- Effective communication of results; Math majors should be able to effectively communicate results to non-specialized audiences in written and verbal form.
- Recognize valid arguments; Logical rigor is a critical component of mathematical argumentation. We expect math majors to develop the ability to recognize when arguments are valid, and identify logical gaps and flaws.