STATDSBA - Statistics and Data Science

Mathematics College of Science BA - Bachelor of Arts


College of Science



Program Description

Big data is changing the world. Offered through the Department of Mathematics, this degree prepares you to take part in the data revolution. Students earning a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Statistics and Data Science will have a solid foundation in mathematics. Yet they focus on the capture, maintenance, processing, analysis and communication of data through immersion in courses in probability, statistics, data science and computer programming. Undergraduates also must complete a minor outside the Department of Mathematics. The B.A. and B.S. allow students to pursue graduate degrees or careers in analytics, risk assessment, finance, and other math- and science-related fields.

Learning Outcomes

- Apply methods and concepts from their coursework to analyze data based scientific problems
- Be able to define mathematical and statistical terms precisely
- Critically evaluate and extend statistical models drawn from current scientific literature
- Effectively communicate their results
- Produce effective analyses from data using a variety of computational, mathematical, and statistical approaches
- Recognize when arguments, especially formal statistical procedures and data visualization, are valid, and identify logical flaws