General Education Curriculum

The General Education curriculum described below applies to all students who matriculate in Spring 2022 or beyond. Students who matriculated in Fall 2021 or prior should consult the Fall 2021 General Education Curriculum policy.

The University's General Education curriculum helps University of Arizona graduates attain fundamental skills and a broad base of knowledge to respond effectively to a complex world. 

All degree-seeking undergraduates must satisfy the requirements of the UA General Education curriculum by completing the following series of courses:

  • Foundations - First-Year Writing (Composition), Mathematics, and Second Language courses

  • Introduction to General Education course - Introduces students to General Education, reflecting on learning, and developing an ePortfolio. Required for students admitted as first-year students; optional for all other students. See policy on Entry/Exit Courses. (1 unit)

  • Exploring Perspectives courses - Introduce students to four disciplinary domains. The emphasis is on ways of thinking, knowing, and doing in those disciplines. Students will choose at least one course from each domain (12 units minimum), including:

    • Artist

    • Humanist

    • Natural Scientist

    • Social Scientist

  • Building Connections courses - Bring together knowledge and modes of thinking from two or more disciplines and/or perspectives. Students will choose three courses (9 units minimum).

  • GE Capstone course - Facilitates student reflection on their General Education experience to complete their ePortfolio in the GE Capstone course. Required for students admitted as first-year students; optional for all other students. See policy on Entry/Exit Courses. (1 unit)

Beginning with Fall 2026 matriculants, students must choose their Exploring Perspectives and Building Connections courses to fulfill the following attribute requirements:

  • Diversity and Equity Attribute - 2 courses

  • Quantitative Reasoning - 2 courses

  • World Cultures and Societies Attribute - 1 course

  • Writing Attribute - 2 courses

All courses approved as general education courses in the current General Education program will continue to meet the same requirements for students finishing out the current program.

General Education policies pertaining to transfer students:

Your Specific Requirements:

To see the requirements specific to your major and degree program, consult the general Academic Advisement Reports or your personal Advisement Report in UAccess Student. Please direct questions to your academic advisor.

Office of General Education:

 The Office of General Education administers the University of Arizona's General Education Curriculum.

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